Now Playing: Tiny Show #1

Laura's uploaded the first Tiny Show to YouTube. You can stream it on my video page, or if you prefer a direct path, head over to her YT channel.

We learned a lot after that first show. Like getting the phone to stay in landscape mode, adding some lights, using an external mic instead of the phone's mic.

It's been really interesting to scale performing live at a venue and adapt to performing in a living room to a virtual audience. It's very intimate. I can still feel the presence of the audience, even though I can't see them. And my gestures don't have to be as large and because the camera is six feet away.

We're totally acoustic We're sharing a single mic so we are "mixing" our vocals and guitars as we perform. There's no hiding and I'm finding that I have to really listen as we perform.

It's great fun and I hope you enjoy. We'll be posing other shows soon.